Work Summary: Ensure citizen connectivity & energy efficient behavioral awareness through social media – Design & execution of a comprehensive digital media Communication Strategy for the Government of Bangladesh.


A semi-autonomous body of the government wanted to increase its transparency, accessibility, and responsiveness towards its direct beneficiaries. The organization had implemented a number of pro-poor and green initiatives and wanted to communicate more effectively with direct beneficiaries. But, as the organization is the regulatory body in its sector with 10 physical branches nationwide, more than 50 institutions reporting to it and collaborations with a number of global and local stakeholders, it had a necessarily cautious disposition towards two-way communication channels. In particular, the possibility of aggressive and negative feedback driven by personal agendas or from grievances caused by other stakeholders in the same sector was a concern for the organization. Besides, the apex body did not have the capacity to create or to maintain its own communication channels at the time. The task was even more challenging as the slightest misstep could create macro level impact in the country’s economy. The organization sought our support in developing a 360-degree communication strategy that would help government information reach the masses.


In close cooperation with a deputy head of the organization, Inspira along with a 22-member committee and an 8-member steering committee conducted a thorough analysis of the apex body and on its operating and reporting structure. Inspira conducted extensive primary and secondary studies to understand the global best practices for such organizations and to identify the local factors that would have to be integrated in the communication strategy. Surveys and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) were conducted to delve deeper into the needs of the target audience. To get a complete picture of people’s perception of the apex body and its work, Inspira assembled a team of experts from the fields of research, social media and data analytics. This team’s insights were valuable in developing an approach tailored to meet the internal communication and platform maintenance needs of the client.


Inspira developed a comprehensive social media training toolkit and a complete solution for the client’s two-way communication requirements. The client organization received a communication strategy that upheld the values of transparent and effective communication while creating scope to get feedback and constructive insights from beneficiaries. The project was completed on a high note, with the client’s engagement ratio with beneficiaries on most frequently used social media platforms going from 0 to 6.96%, one of the highest engagement ratio growth rates for any government body in Bangladesh. The delicacy of the task required us to be cautious with every step and the Inspira team worked with utmost dedication to deliver outputs while ensuring maximum discretion.

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