Work Summary: Salary scale evaluation and recommendation of revamped salary grades, bands and scoring matrix based on selected comparators’ benchmarking


The management of an international NGO working to help disabled and vulnerable people in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster across 60 countries wanted to determine the “worth” or “value” of one job in relation to other jobs in the organization for the purpose of salary review for achieving internal equity. They wanted to have a competitive salary structure in line with the existing market rates for jobs in Bangladesh. They commissioned Inspira to review the organizational structure of the INGO, Job Descriptions or Position Profiles (Not just Job Title) in terms of qualifications, experience/ seniority, knowledge/ skills, nature of work for comparison & clarity within the organization by identifying the INGOs in the development and humanitarian sector/Non-Profit Organizations (targeted as per similar size of HI) in Bangladesh with which comparisons may be made, while considering Cost of Living Index, inflation and currency devaluation to conduct a comprehensive Compensation & Benefits Survey amongst the targeted organizations and to draw information/ comparisons on a number of parameters.


Inspira along with a HR expert who is highly skilled at salary restructuring, HR analyses, compensation management  executed the study in two broad categories and five subcategories: (1.) Micro-level Analysis: Employee & Organizational Perspective and (2.) Macro-Level Analysis: Market Price, Legal and Young Talent’s and women’s Perspective.  The final delivery outputs included: Compensation Structure of the comparator organizations, Report on the strategy followed by the best practice adaptors (local and global), Salary scale and consistent base development and Promotion policy development, Impact analysis of each change in the compensation package on the HR policy, Development of New Talent/female/critical position attraction and retention strategy and Cost and benefit analysis from each employee.


Within the span of 50 days Inspira executed the project and helped the client to effectively benchmark compensation and benefits across the, levels and functions within the organization. Inspira also provided recommendations on compensation and benefits based on comparative analysis of the 9 comparators and helped the client produce a draft salary scale based on comparative analysis, with a remuneration policy, and analysis of the cost per month per employee compared to current pay and cost.

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