Off the Grid Insights from the Avant-garde Gen Y

Innovation and strategy are at the very core of the rapidly shifting global economy. To operate in the dynamic markets of today, business leaders need to be equipped with experience as well as the capacity to invent and improvise. Seasoned Gen X brains therefore need to collaborate with creative Gen Y minds to produce avant-garde solutions for the business frontier..

At Inspira, we focus on supporting high impact and high potential industries. Our Gen Y consultants navigate from the millennial’s shoes to develop insights that are translated to business results for the contemporary economy.

Success Story

We are always up for crafting new approaches to reach solutions to our clients’ pain points. Each project we complete is the story of a journey towards the unknown. Along the way, we integrate global best practices with unconventional ways of doing things to reach our goals.
A development organization needed to market a book on maternal healthcare targeted towards lower income segments. The organization had experience in giving maternal healthcare support to subscribers over digital media but no prior experience of effectively entering a specific target market with a physical product. There was clearly a necessity to consider market dynamics before launching the book. Inspira designed and conducted a holistic market research and prepared a route to market strategy with alternate market entry suggestions for the organization.
To create a market entry strategy for the client, Inspira first identified the concerns and translated them into specific marketing problems such as product content, promotion, competition, price, touch points etc. Each problem was further detailed down to specify the relationship between problem and product. The research design involved all key stakeholders of the market ecosystem starting from competitors to customers. This helped extract solution elements from a blend of market insider information and consumer insights. The solution elements were then structured and evaluated to form strategies addressing the core market concerns.
The organization’s market data dearth and the relative uniqueness of the product in the target market made it a perplexing task to define strategies for market penetration. Prior to seeking consultation support, the organization did not have a clear understanding of marketing philosophies for launching their product. Inspira prepared the output in a way which focused on the fundamental marketing concerns and how to approach them. The output further helped the client to swiftly understand market realities and arrive at the crux of the problem. The possible strategies presented allowed the client to assign weightage according to its needs and decide on a way forward to enter the market with its product.

Latest Insight

Bangladesh has experienced accelerated growth for an extended period, and despite a few incidents of growth slowdown, the country has not actually faced any recession over the last two decades. The economic shock (due to the Coronavirus pandemic) and a possible recession, therefore, put Bangladesh in uncharted territory. While Bangladesh is undertaking expansionary fiscal and monetary policies to negate the short-term impact of the crisis, it also needs to assess the structural fault-lines in the economy to combat long-term effects and future crises. Read more

Coronavirus Bangladesh

While governments around the world are struggling to contain the Corona Pandemic and the resulting

human suffering, the global economy is on a downward spiral moving towards a full-blown recession.

According to the UNCTAD (UN Trade Agency), Corona pandemic is likely to slow down the global

economy by under two percent, and may cost about $1 trillion. The potential impact of such a global

economic crisis along the demand and supply shocks originating in the domestic economy in case of a

major outbreak in Bangladesh, require coordinated and decisive policy measures. Read more